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Self-Sufficiency at the State-of-the-Art Level

Zero House is a Project to achieve a Self-sustainable House in:



Waste Recycling



Internet Access



Natural pool

Zero House

Zero House is a Project of a Selfsustainable House that produces its own energy, water supply and purification.

Biological reactor for wáter purification and has reduced 80% waste production.

Foto casa


Constructive System

We have designed our own ecoefficient construction system (Thermalayer).

The Thermalayer Constructive System is based in 9 different layers.



Casa autosuficiente

Own Smart Home System

House Smart Home

The Cassandra Smart Home is our own Software and Hardware System to have a friendly control system of your home.

This system is connected with the Urban Operating System and gives you service in different areas: Security, Energy, Efficiency, Comfort, Medical, etc.

Cassandra Smart Home

House Smart Home

Phases of Development of the No.1 100% Selfsufficient House

2017: Selfsufficient in Energy, Water, Waste, Transport 50 km. around and 33% food.

2018: Selfsufficient in Security: develope a Neighborhood Central Alarm and 40% Food Selfsufficient.

2019: Internet Selfsufficient and 50% Food Selfsufficient.

Casa con molino de viento