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Our Mission is to Develope and build Selfsustainable Urban Environments.

Touristic, Educational, Innovation, etc...

Research and Innovate in selfsufficient solutions, ecoefficiency, software and automatization.

Proyecto Cassandra

Psychobiological Urbanism

We have defined our Urban Design Concept as Psychobiological Urbanism to define our main target: the Mental and Physical equilibrium of the Individual in the Urban Environment.


Areas of Development

The Cassandra Project is a team of different specialists in the following áreas:

Urban Design - Singular Structures - Renewable Energies - Ecoefficient Construction Systems - Water Efficiency - Biological Reactors - Movility and Solar Cars - Tourism - Business Development - Marketing - Telecomunications - Software and Smart Home Solutions - Microclimates - Natural Pools - Medical Facilities - Security - Drones - Landscaping

Every month joins to our team experts and designers in advanced solutions in order to design the Smart City of the future.

The Team


Our team in formed by 20 specialists in different areas of urban developments.