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Investors Relations

The Cassandra Project has relations with different type of investors, coordinating Public Institutions, Civil Organizations and Private and Corporate investors in order to develope its projects:


Financial Institutions

Public institutions

Private Investors

Corporate Investors

Business Developers

Real Estate Developers

End Users


If you are an investor, public institution or end user you can register and receive further information: 

Long Term Business Plan: 100 CITIES

Only for Global Citizens

100 Cities is a 25 year Business Plan that will be implemented after the 4th year development of the first Complex in the Iberian Peninsula.

100 Cities is an ambitious Project to develope 100 complexes around the world with 400 km. average distance between each, covering 40.000 km. of the globeĀ“s distance and having a worldwide experience.

If you want to know more about our Strategy and Business Plan you can register at the bottom of this page and will have Access to all documents and videos.

100 Cities