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10th international conference on Improving Energy Efficiency in Commercial Buildings and Smart Communities

The European Commission selects the Cassandra Project to participate in the 10th International Conference on Intelligent Communities in Frankfurt

A delegation from the Cassandra Project technical team will participate in the Conference as a speaker on the second working day on the 22nd in Frankfurt.

Mr. Paolo Bertoldi of the European Commission - Joint Research Center (JRC) based in Italy, informed the Cassandra Project team a few days ago that had been selected to participate in the 10th International Conference on Smart Communities to celebrate the 21st and March 22 in Frankfurt.

The Conference is organized by the European Commission within the objectives of the JRC which are to provide technical and scientific advice to the services of the European Commission to design, implement and monitor EU energy efficiency policies and programs, focusing on monitoring the efforts of the Member States to achieve the EU's energy efficiency targets for 2020 and 2030 and in the implementation of the Energy Union Roadmap.

The Cassandra Team highly values ​​the support at the highest European institutional level and continues working in coordination with the regional administration in the administrative processing of the project and considers at this moment that it is one of the leading projects in Europe in the reconfiguration of new self-sufficient urban environments and ultraefficient, receiving daily more and more interest internationally from different entities, companies and institutions.

The Conference is held within a multidisciplinary event with 200,000 visitors which will allow a greater visibility of the project, positioning the Puertollano Region in the vanguard in Europe in the configuration of the Smart City of the future.

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